[Clearance] 2-step Peeling Pad Whitening Refining Mask

[Clearance] 2-step Peeling Pad Whitening Refining Mask

For all skin types

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Clinelle Peeling Pad & Refining Mask - Whitening is for skin brightening. Enriched with powerful whitening actives Niacinamide and Morus Alba Bark Extract. It helps to lighten dark spots and reduce skin pigmentation. It is also infused with orange and grapefruit natural essential oils for a soft, supple and refreshed skin.


• Brighten Skin

• Lighten Dark Spots

• Reduce Pigmentation

Infused with Orange & Grapefruit Natural Essential Oils for a soft, supple & refreshed shin.

Expiry Date: 31.07.2021