納米金魚子淚活精華套裝Caviar gold firming advance set

納米金魚子淚活精華套裝Caviar gold firming advance set

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EXIPRY DATE: 31.03.2021

1 Firming Lotion 180ml

A highly concentrated yet lightweight face lotion that minimizes pores, refines texture and allow better penetration of subsequent skincare products. 


2. Firming Eye Serum 15ml

Firming Eye Serum firms, lifts and lightens in one brilliantly executed formula, employing advanced technologies and Triple-Gold Firming and Lifting Complex ingredients to zero in on a specific challenge. It also provides instant hydration, while smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing the sensation of puffiness, banish dark circles, improving elasticity and firmness. Skin’s surface is refined and restored. 


3. Firming Serum 30ml

An intensive face serum that lifts, firm and provides long-lasting effects. Helps reduces wrinkles, discoloration and age spots.   Skin is uplifted, firmed and brighter.


Discovery the Clinelle CaviarGold range with its revolutionary Triple-Gold Lifting & Firming Complex that combines the extravagant ingredient, Caviar with precious 24K Nano Gold & plant PhytoGold. The luxury is touchable, affordable & remarkable.

Expiry Date: 31.03.2021


- HK$688.00